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Sara Anjo    PT, Funchal 1982

Sara Anjo, was born in Madeira, a portuguese island, close to Africa, and in the "extreme suburbs" of Europe. Her experience of being far away from everything, surrounded by an open horizon and by the ocean, has given her a genetic impulse to seek other realities. As a teenager she went to Lisbon to study and graduated from the Contemporary Dance Academy in Portugal (2001). Immediately after she started dancing in the National Company and she felt completely displaced trying to be a "hi-tech" ballet performer. Reacting to this she started studying yoga, as a more balanced and complete form of working with the body. Yoga became her ''dance'' for the next four years. Sara kept studying arts and did two theoretical programs: Performing Arts (BA) at the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon (2008) and Contemporary Art (post-graduation) at Lisbon’s Catholic University (2011). In 2010 she meet and studied with Anna Halprin, one of her main inspirations in the dance field.

Sara has collaborated with Portuguese choreographers and emergent artists as a performer. Since 2009, she has established work with the Group Dançando com a Diferença (this is a inclusive dance group that works with  people with disabilities) and with the choreographers Clara Andermatt and Rui Horta. Connected to the work with inclusive dance a book with her authorship, Espontâneos (Spontaneous), was released in 2010 by the portuguese editor Colibri.

Curious about the world of choreography and creation, particularly through collaborations Sara devised the dance/performance project "Nobody would know to tell that story" (2011), developed by six female artists. In 2012 she created 'Liquid Landscapes" a dance performance developed in an old washing house in Lisbon. She has collaborated with Silence Theatre in a dance/music piece for children "In search of Ballerina feet" (2013). Since 2011 she's working in co-creation with Ana Irene Rodrigues (saxophone player) in a dance/music composition based on embroidered scores.

This year she participated in the Dance Community Program of Fórum Dança, in Lisbon. Soon afterwards she packed half of her life, sold the other half and become a nomad. Participating in Porch Program at Ponderosa (Stoltzenhagen,Germany) was an important encounter for her to study with Stephanie Mayer, Kirstie Simson, Keith Henessey, Maria F. Scaroni and Diego Aguilló. She immersed in the world of improvisation with Rosalind Crips and Andrew Morrish. At the moment she is participating in Smash Program (experimental physical performance) in Berlin. Sara is also preparing a project in West Africa with the traveller and writer Carlos Carneiro.