Uma Sopra Outra Mexe is a project which combines research and artistic creation between dance and music, joining a handmade craft: madeira embroidery. In 2010, Ana Irene Rodrigues, saxophone performer and Sara Anjo, dance performer, had their first creative collaboration, in the performance MaiFrom that experience, a will to keep working together was raised, where they could explore their interests, and explore a common artistic language throughout the different mediums they work. 
Therefore, this creation develops an artistic language based on the possibilities and answers around a binomial relationship. Around the awareness of different characters, which are not, necessarily, opposites.

To explore this binomial relationship, it was developed a set of scores, with the same principle of written sheet music: signs and patterns of dots and lines, but the scores are made of thread and cloth instead of ink and paper. They are also handicraft instead of printed by a machine.  These scores don't obey to a grammar, instead they allow each one's imagination.

Therefore, one plays and the other dances in a graphical and pictorial reading of the scores and in a imaginary gravitation around them.

Concept and performance Ana Irene Rodrigues (music) and Sara Anjo (dance)
Drawings Sara Anjo
Artistic and technical collaboration Gilberto Bernardes, Sophie Leso 
Embroiderers Maria José Melim and Virgínia Vasconcelos
Costume design Ana Irene Rodrigues and Sara Anjo